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Dear applicants,
Dexia offers its employees a unique experience in their career: to manage in run-off the largest residual bank in the world.

Since 2011, Dexia is in orderly resolution i.e. the bank manages its residual assets in run off while protecting the interests of its shareholders and guarantors, the Belgian, French and Luxemburg States. Its strategic priorities are to secure its funding capacity and preserve its capital base while guaranteeing its operational continuity over the length of the resolution period.
Since the beginning of the financial crisis, Dexia’s employees have taken up major challenges, often in very unusual circumstances, and they have adapted, year after year, to the changes induced by their company’s transformation. Thanks to their professionalism and determination, they have started in 2014 the implementation of the company project which creates a new operating model and, in reality, shapes a new company for the future.
This new company enables all those who join it to become players in their own right, to become part of a company that operates like a medium size company facing up the challenges and operating the balance sheet of an important multinational. Dexia's management has opted for an organisation that is as flexible and efficient as possible to be able to react promptly to any event. Together, with the employees, it has adopted new values guiding them in their day-to-day work: cohesion, adaptability and professionalism.
If you are up for these challenges and recognize yourself in this corporate culture, do not hesitate to apply to one of our job openings for which we seek to hire professionals who wish to enrich their career path while working for the benefit of a company that is owned by the Belgian and French states.
Even in a company in a run-off mode our employees are proud of their achievements for the benefit of the general interest and are ready to welcome you.
You can also send us your questions via the following link:
Gaëtane Albert
Head of Human Resources Dexia Group
20 August 2015


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