Internal audit


The internal audit organisation is based on three fundamental principles:

  • The strategy, requirement level and operating rules for the internal audit are set by the Management Board and approved by the Audit Committee of Dexia SA;

  • Dexia’s internal audit function is carried out as an integrated support line which includes the group’s audit department and the other entities and branches audit divisions. They perform their tasks under the supervision of the Group General Auditor, who reports directly to the CEO, Chairman of the Management Board. The Group Auditor has direct access to the Audit Committee to which he/she regularly reports on the internal audit operations within the Group;

  • Each entity audit department is responsible for the achievement of its mission to the Chairman of the Management Board of the entity in question and also reports functionally to the Group Auditor.  

  • Methods

    The global approach to risk, the common audit methodology, the carrying out of ‘horizontal’ missions and of ‘joint’ missions as well as the reporting and follow-up procedures established at the level of the parent company, all reviewed and completed in 2014, contribute to Dexia's effective internal control system.


    Internal Audit

    Its objectives, its role, its missions and the way it works.

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    The Internal Audit within the Dexia Group


    The Investigation within the Dexia Group

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