Activities of the Board of Directors in 2016

In addition to matters falling within the ordinary remit of the Board of Directors (monitoring results, approving the budget, appointment and remuneration of Management Board members, convening of ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings, minutes of specialist committee meetings), the Board dealt in particular with numerous subjects from the Audit and Risk Committee, and the following points:

  • Dexia Group solvency and increasing the capital of Dexia Crédit Local; 
  • Group liquidity, VLTM, ICAAP;
  • Strategic and IT projects, operational risk management;
  • IFRS 9;
  • Deleveraging policy;
  • Orderly resolution plan;
  • Corporate governance charter;
  • Reverse stock split;
  • Governance: enlarging the Management Board, changing the composition of the Board of Directors, appointing the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Operating Officer and the self-assessment exercise for the Board of Directors ans specialised committees;
  • Executive remuneration report;
  • Policies related to compliance, internal audit, exercise of outside mandates.