Dexia Insurance & Pensions Services was incorporated on 12 January 2001 as a subsidiary of Dexia Life & Pensions, itself a fully owned subsidiary of Dexia Insurance which since 1 September 2000 has been responsible for all Dexia"s insurance and pensions business.

Based in Luxembourg, Dexia Insurance & Pensions Services" business is the provision of global solutions to problems related to setting up and funding local and international pension schemes.

It assists companies in selecting, introducing and managing an appropriate staff pension vehicle.

In this context, Dexia Insurance & Pensions co-ordinates expertise and competence within the Dexia group depending on the needs of its customers:

  • asset management (Dexia Asset Management);
  • custodian bank functions (Dexia Banque Internationale à Luxembourg);
  • transfer agent services (First European Transfer Agent);
  • risk management (Dexia Life & Pensions).

To ensure that pension plans for the Dexia group"s different entities are managed with the maximum coherence, Dexia Insurance & Pensions Services" Executive Board is made up of representatives of these entities.

Dexia Insurance & Pensions Services also provides various insurance and re-insurance related services.

Thierry Flamand has been appointed to head Dexia Insurance & Pensions Services.