press release

Dexia Banque Privée France

As part of the ongoing review of its activities portfolio and in the context of its policy to focus on selected activities and markets, Dexia confirms that it is exploring various options regarding Dexia Banque Privée France (“DBPF”).
DBPF is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dexia BIL and offers private banking and other services to individuals, corporate clients and associations.
DBPF results mainly from the merger between the former Banque Industrielle et Mobilière Privée (“BIMP”) and Banque Vernes, a subsidiary of Artesia B.C. which was itself acquired by Dexia in 2001. As of December 31 2005, DBPF’s consolidated shareholders’ equity amounted to EUR 105 million and the consolidated assets stood at EUR 1,095 million. DBPF currenly employs about 200 employees, essentially in Paris.