Dexia Board of Directors nominates Deloitte as sole auditor to 2008 shareholders' meeting

Brussels, Paris, April 8, 2008 - Dexia SA announces that its Board of Directors will propose to the ordinary shareholders' meeting the appointment of Deloitte as its sole auditor. A tender process was organized in 2007 in order to harmonize the external control function within the Group. The decision to assign the external audit of Dexia SA and its main subsidiaries to a single audit firm is in line with current market trend and will allow Dexia to improve efficiency of the audit procedure and to reduce costs.

Since its creation, as a result of successive mergers, the Dexia Group has worked with several external auditors. The Board of Directors has decided to switch to one single international audit firm for the whole Group, except in countries where a board of auditors is legally required.

The appointment of Deloitte, subject to approval by the 2008 ordinary shareholders' meeting, will be effective as from the financial year 2008.

Dexia appreciates the excellent service that PricewaterhouseCoopers and Mazars & Guérard have provided over the years and wishes to thank them for their contribution.

Dexia ( is a European bank, and world leader in public / project finance. With a stock market capitalisation of EUR 20.3 billion as at 31 December 2007, Dexia is among the fifteen largest financial institutions in the euro zone. On the same date, the Group had more than 34,000 members of staff in 37 countries. Dexia has one of the best credit ratings in the banking sector. Its development strategy relies on two pillars: universal banking in Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Turkey), public / project financing at a world level.

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