Dexia splits its share in 10

In order to increase the liquidity of the Dexia share and to further the purchase of the share by individual shareholders, the Dexia group announces that a proposal will be made to the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders to split the Dexia share in a proportion of ten new shares for one existing share. The same prodedure will be followed for the Dexia strip.

The exchange of shares and strips will start on 14 June 2001 with the financial institutions providing the financial service of the share, against remittance of the existing share with coupons 7 and following attached and against the existing strip.

The new shares and strips after the split will be listed on the Brussels, Paris and Luxembourg stock exchanges from 18 June 2001 onwards. From this date, the old share and the old strip will not be listed anymore.

The dividend for the financial year 2000 will be made payable on 14 June 2001. Its gross value will amount to EUR 4.30 per share (proposal submitted to the general meeting of shareholders of 9 May 2001).