Dexia launches “Dexia TV, sustainable development live”

Dexia TV is a new space, accessible from the home page of the internet site, entirely dedicated to sustainable development.

Dexia TV is a report magazine which, in images and in an extremely realistic manner, covers the major aspects of sustainable development: environmental, economic and social. For its launch, five reports are available and then, every three months, new reports will go online.

The aim of the group, through this new space, is to position itself in real terms as an actor in top echelon, a facilitator, wishing to feed the debate, to promote good practices, to inform and to explain the stakes involved in sustainable development.

"We would like our internet site, which is already very well documented in this respect, and enhanced by this video space, to become the reference for all internet users concerned about sustainable development," said Daniel Caille, Director of Sustainable Development at Dexia. "We want to show what is working, and to contribute to advancements in the subject. Dexia has acquired genuine credibility in this regard, associated with its business lines, and in particular two of them: local authority financing and within the context of socially responsible investment. This initiative therefore completes the entire plan of action adopted by our group, which is described in our Sustainable Development Report."

"In this way our site embodies the institutional signature of Dexia as the bank for sustainable development," Daniel Caille concluded.

Content of Dexia TV as at 13 May 2004:

  • Interview with Pierre Richard "Why sustainable development?"
  • Interviews with Nicole Notat (Vigéo), Daniel Caille (Dexia) and Christian Rousseau (Ethibel) "Sustainable development: what is it?"
  • Environmental: "The tramway: key to sustainable development in Valenciennes"
  • Economic: ethical funds: "Ethics and financial investments"
  • Social: social rating agencies: "Corporate judges and advisors"
  • Contact: Françoise Lefebvre, phone 00 33 (0)1 43 92 80 20