Dexia presents its Press Awards


The presentation presents the awards of the 44th edition of the Dexia Press Awards was held on the 3rd of May in Brussels.

The Dexia Press Awards were launched in Belgium in 1963 and they reward the best articles, audio-visual reports and pictures circulated in the media over the past year. As from 1969, radio and television were included in the event.

The Sports and Photographic Press Awards then respectively appeared in 1978 and 1979. In 1988, The Financial and Economic Press Awards were inaugurated for the 25th anniversary of the event. In 1996, a specific prize was presented for the first time for the German-speaking Press. The Dexia Award was presented as from 1998 for the best financial and economic information.

To assess the 226 applicants of this 44th edition, Dexia called 10 specialist juries composed of media professionals, academics and Dexia representatives. 31 pieces were selected for the final round.

Here are the winners of the 44th edition! Click here (only available in French and Dutch)