Dexia supports its profitable growth in Turkey and provides try 400 MIO (about EUR 200 MIO) additional capital to Denizbank

Brussels, Paris, 28 March 2008, 8 am - Dexia announced today that it will provide about TRY 400 million (about EUR 200 million) additional capital to DenizBank, its 99.80%-owned Turkish subsidiary. These resources will add capacity for DenizBank to finance its superior and profitable growth in the strongly developing Turkish banking market. The TRY 400 million will increase DenizBank total shareholders' equity by 24% to TRY 2.1 billion.

In 2007, DenizBank's expansion was marked by a 22% increase in the number of branches in Turkey (320 at the end of December), i.e. a growth rate twice as big as market growth. The number of sales people increased by 33%, total loans jumped 51% to TRY 13.4 billion and deposits grew 21% to TRY 10.8 billion. Profitability remained strong with a ROE of 22.5%. DenizBank is developing further in 2008 and 80 new branches are planned this year. Key growth segments remain Retail, SMEs and Commercial clients, in line with the bank's strategy.


Dexia ( is a European bank, and world leader in public / project finance. With a stock market capitalisation of EUR 20.3 billion as at 31 December 2007, Dexia is among the fifteen largest financial institutions in the euro zone. On the same date, the Group had more than 34,000 members of staff in 37 countries. Dexia has one of the best credit ratings in the banking sector. Its development strategy relies on two pillars: universal banking in Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Turkey), public / project financing at a world level.

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