Integration Artesia/Dexia. Basic agreement signed by all unions

On Thursday 23 May 2002, Dexia Bank, LBC-NVK, CNE-GNC and ACLVB-CGSLB signed a collective labour agreement (CLA) over staff employed in the branches. The agreement covers the organisation of Dexia Bank's branch network and the accompanying measures provided for in the restructuring of the network.

The CLA implements the principles enshrined in the outline agreement reached on 26 March this year. The discussions held with the parties concerned have resulted in the trade union organisations that signed the agreement (LBC-NVK, CNE-GNC and ACLVB-CGSLB) obtaining the guarantees that they demanded on several points.

As a result of that, LBC-NVK and CNE-GNC decided to sign the outline agreement on 26 March this year.

That outline agreement has therefore now been endorsed by all the trade union organisations represented in the Bank. This will enable the social dialogue to be pursued under the best possible conditions.

At the same time the progress made with the other big issues concerning the merger - in particular functional and geographical mobility, the guarantees over employment and the social plan - should make it possible to conclude detailed collective agreements on each of these subjects in the near future.

The successful outcome of these discussions is the result of a constructive and concerted effort on the part of the management and the trade unions who have been guided by a common concern to achieve the integration of Dexia Bank and Artesia on a fair and humane basis.