Sustainable development: three new online reports at

Dexia TV, the Dexia Group magazine, has three new online reports on topical subjects:

1) Environment: "Waste processing: a vital concern for society"
All the experts are unanimous: it is vital that we overcome the increase in household waste and its effects on the environment. But what becomes of waste sorted by households? Once it arrives at the sorting centre, what actually happens to it? Visit and meet those in charge of the Sorting Centre at Nanterre, managed by SYCTOM.

2) Economy: "Micro credits: a major advance for the world economy"
The UN declared 2005 "Year of Micro-Credits". But what is a micro-credit? What is at stake and who are the beneficiaries? Is it only a reality in the countries of the South? Is not Europe also involved? Interview with Michel Camdessus, Director General of the IMF from 1987 to 2000.

3) Social matters: "An original social initiative: an old folks' fashion parade"
The "centre communal d'action sociale" (CCAS) [Communal Centre for Social Action] in the town of Narbonne organised a fashion parade for senior citizens. Too often associated with handouts, social action can also exist under the spotlights, and improve the life of old folk. Meet the enthusiastic participants in this parade, and Michel Moynier, Mayor of Narbonne.

As in the previous edition, these three reports meet the objectives set by the Dexia Group when it launched this new magazine: to position itself in real terms as a major actor, a facilitator, with a desire to feed debate, to promote good practice, to inform and to explain the stakes involved in sustainable development.

Since going online on 13 May last, Dexia TV, the magazine for sustainable development, has achieved great success, and already recorded more than 40,000 visits.

That number of visits backs up the institutional signature of the Dexia Group, "the bank for sustainable development", fulfilling the expectations of internet users.


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