Sustainable development: three new online reports at


Dexia TV, the topical magazine produced by the Dexia Group, covers aspects of sustainable development in an extremely realistic manner. Today it is placing three new reports online, dealing with the key fields of sustainable development which are the environment, the economy and social matters.

1) The environment: "Wind energy: a choice for society"
Discover the most convincing form of renewable energy. How does a wind turbine operate? What are its pros and its cons? Meet the experts: Luc Regout, President of Air Energy (Belgium); André Antolini, President of EDF New Energies.

2) The economy: "Fair trade: dream or reality?"
What is fair trade? Understand its operation, assess its weight and its development potential. Interviews with experts, notably Victor Ferreira, President of Max Havelaar France and Tristan Lecomte, President of Alter Eco.

3) Social matters: "Creating an exchange network: the local mission of Autun (Saône-et-Loire)"
400 local missions spread throughout France help young people to overcome the difficulties encountered in their professional and social lives. Presentation of a concrete initiative taken by the local mission of Autun: to create a network for the exchange of assistance and skills between the young people of the region.

As in the previous edition, these three reports respond to the objectives fixed by the Dexia Group when launching this new magazine: to position itself realistically as a first-rank actor, a facilitator, wishing to feed debate, promote good practice, inform and explain the stakes involved in sustainable development.

Since going online on 13 May last, Dexia TV, the sustainable development magazine, has been extremely successful, already registering more than 22,000 visits.

That number of visits confirms the institutional signature of the Dexia Group, "the bank for sustainable development", responding to the expectations of internet users.

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