Press release

Letter of P. Mariani to the clients of Dexia

Dear clients,

As we assume responsibility for shaping the future of Dexia, we would like to take this opportunity to write to each of you.

The €6.4 billion capital increase implemented last week has enabled us to increase our room for manoeuvre to face this unprecedented financial crisis. The mobilisation of Dexia's principal shareholders is an exceptional indicator of confidence for the bank's clients, be they individuals, local authorities, companies or institutionals.

Our shareholders entrusted us with a clear task, to take decisions and to introduce initiatives without delay to strengthen Dexia, and we set to work immediately. After having made a detailed analysis of the situation Dexia is in, we are now rapidly implementing the measures necessary to restore lasting confidence and to reinforce the bank's fundamental attributes.

Dexia is healthy and sound, and we are determined to do everything possible to satisfy your requirements over the long term. We would like to assure you that, with the support of our principal shareholders, the governments and the regions, you have the best possible guarantee for the security of your savings and the financing of your projects.

You may rely on the commitment of all Dexia staff members, who are first and foremost at your service.

Yours faithfully,

Jean-Luc Dehaene
Chairman of the Board of Directors


Pierre Mariani
Chief Executive Officer
Chairman of the Management Board