Nominations - Board of Directors of Dexia SA

During its meeting of November 17, 2005, the Board of Directors of Dexia SA co-opted Mr Bernard Lux as a member of the Board, to replace Mr Elio Di Rupo, who resigns.

At the same meeting, the Board of Directors also co-opted Mr Serge Kubla as a member of the Board to replace Mr Eric André, who died on July 28, 2005.

The definitive nomination of Messrs Lux and Kubla will be submitted to the next ordinary shareholders' meeting of Dexia SA, which shall be held on May 10, 2006.

Attachments : CV of Messrs Lux and Kubla.


LUX Bernard André

Born 20 December 1949
Belgian nationality

Married with one child
Doctor of Applied Economics

Principal posts:

  • Rector and President of the University of Mons-Hainaut since October 2001
  • Ordinary Professor in the Warocqué Faculty of Economics, in charge of courses in strategic management and human resources management
  • Promoter, with Professor M. DEWATRIPONT (ULB), of the inter-university poles of attraction PAI IV and PAI V, on the theme of "corporate governance and strategic management"
  • Author of studies and scientific articles on the demand for and financing of residential real estate, on flows in and out of unemployment
  • Director of Doctorate theses on micro-finance, mergers and acquisitions, methods of analysing stock market events

Other posts:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the limited company WHESTIA, a Walloon social housing insurance company
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the limited company SOGEPA, member of the Compensation Committee
  • Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of Finance and Human Resources of the SWL, a Walloon housing company
  • Federated member of the Higher Employment Council


Born in Brussels on 3 July 1947

Married with two children

Box 2, 1 Rue de Tan
B-5000 NAMUR

Tel: 081/251.673
Fax: 081/226.448


Solvay College of Commerce
course not completed (three years of four)

Prior or current political mandates:

  • Alderman for Waterloo between 1977 and 1982
  • Mayor of Waterloo since 1982
  • Deputy since 1977
  • Group Leader to the Belgian Chamber and then the Parliament of Wallonia
  • Walloon Minister of the Economy from 1999 to 2004
  • Deputy and Leader of the MR Group to the Parliament of Wallonia since July 2004

Main concerns:

  • The economy
  • The entrepreneurial spirit
  • The new technologies
  • Leisure: golf, bridge

Membership of Commissions of the Parliament of the French Community:


  • Commission of Finances, Budget, General Affairs and Sport


  • Commission for Control of Communications of Members of Government and Electoral Expenses

Membership of Commission of the Parliament of Wallonia:


  • Budget, Finances, General Affairs, Administrative Simplification of the Regulations and Accounts
  • International Relations, International Cooperation, Foreign Trade and European Funds
  • Control of Electoral Expenses
  • Advisory Committee dealing with European Questions