An integrated insurance activity within the Dexia group

A new step was made in the integration of Artesia Banking Corporation and of Dexia Bank Belgium through the implementation of a single insurance activity within the Dexia group: both entities, AP Assurances and Dexia Insurance, will be placed from now on under the responsability of a single Management Committee chaired by Guy Roelandt.

Dexia aims indeed at becoming a major bancinsurance player in Belgium. Guy Roelandt will be responsible for the development of a plan to reach these objectives.

Guy Roelandt
Guy Roelandt (50) was born and raised in Belgium. He obtained a master degree in mathematics and is an actuary of the university of Louvain (K.U. Leuven).
He specialized in tax management at VLEKHO and followed an AMP at the Oxford University.
He began his career at DVV Insurance in 1976 as an actuary in the Life Division, becoming head of division in 1981.
In 1984 he was appointed to the DVV Executive Committee for the divisions Life and Finances.
In 1993 Mr Roelandt was appointed General Director of DVV Insurance, becoming Chairman of the Board and Managing Director in 1996.
In 2001 he was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee of Dexia Insurance and now recently became Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Insurance entity of the Dexia Group.
Guy Roelandt held different positions as a chairman or as a director of various banking, insurance, holding and real estate companies belonging to or affiliated to the Dexia Group, in Belgium and abroad.