Dexia wins LEASEVERLIES case


Dexia is pleased with the judgment of the Court of Amsterdaam today.

The Court definitely ruled out the global approach of Stichting Leaseverlies and Consumentenbond according to which all clients had been misled irrespective of the advertisement or brochure used.

The Court said that the alledged misleading character must be assessed for each advertisement on a case by case basis.

Leaseverlies and Consumentenbond had also asked the Court to decide that the damages to the share-leasing investors should be calculated for all clients in a general and standard manner. The Court also rejected this request.

The Court also delivered a judgment on the content of a newspaper advertisement for Winstverdriedubbelaar, which, according to Leaseverlies was a clear example. The Court judged that the advertisement in question was not misleading.