press release

Appointment: Nicolas Meire is the new Director of Human Resources for the Dexia Group

Nicolas Meire has been appointed Director of Human Resources for the Dexia Group with effect from 15 May 2006. In that post, he will report to Bernard-Franck Guidoni-Tarissi, Member of the Executive Committee and Head of Division in charge of Human Resources, Communications and Culture.
Nicolas Meire will coordinate the four major poles of HR expertise at Dexia Group level – People Management (jobs and recruitment), People Development (management of top executives and performance), People Reward (compensation and benefits) and People Services – and he will join the Council of the Dexia Corporate University. His activities will be related as a matter of priority to the development of skills and careers throughout the entire Group, and also to the deepening of job management and mobility policies with particular attention given to the international aspect. He will in particular be in charge of the implementation of a new leadership and performance management model. He will also be responsible for strengthening the role of HR Business Partners in order better to serve the action of heads of business lines and supports at Group level, relying in all of his activities on the Group’s principal Heads of Human Resources.
Nicolas Meire started his career with Swiss Life as an Employee Benefits Consultant. In 1998, he joined the De Witte & Morel Group as a Compensation and Benefits Consultant before becoming Senior Manager responsible for the specialist Compensation and Benefits, Top Executive Pay, Salary Surveys and Competency and Performance Management teams. Appointed Director of HR Consulting at De Witte & Morel / Hudson in 2003, Nicolas Meire has until now been a Member of the Executive Committee of De Witte & Morel / Hudson for Belgium and Luxembourg and also one of the Talent Management Directors of the Hudson Group in Europe.
Of Belgian nationality, Nicolas Meire has a Degree in Applied Economics (Ghent University), and two Postgraduate Diplomas in Insurance and Finance (University of Louvain).
The Dexia group has some 24,418 employees and was created in 1996 with the alliance of two premier operators in local public sector financing in Europe: Crédit Communal de Belgique and Crédit Local de France. Since the acquisition of Financial Security Assurance (FSA) in the United States, Dexia has been the leading world operator on the market for local public sector financing. The Group has establishments in the principal industrialized countries of the world. Dexia is a leading retail bank in Belgium and in Luxembourg. In Belgium, Dexia Bank offers a complete range of banking services to its clientele. Its commercial presence was extended as a consequence of the acquisition of Artesia Banking Corporation in 2001. In Luxembourg, Dexia BIL occupies a leading position. Dexia has also developed private banking services, principally from Luxembourg, for wealthy clients in various European countries.