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Dexia Asset Management is opening a new branch in Poland

Dexia Asset Management is expanding. With the opening of a branch in Warsaw in January 2008, Dexia AM is now heading for the Polish market, targeting both institutional and retail clients.
Dexia Asset Management (Dexia AM), a subsidiary of the Dexia Group, with 111 billion euros in assets under management and one of the largest asset management companies in Europe, has now set foot in Poland.
Poland: A market of opportunities
Entering the Polish market follows a meticulous assessment of customer needs, market structure and the competition. “Poland is the largest Central European country in terms of assets under management and net new cash. It has the highest growth rate in the region (Lipper Feri, Fund Market Monitor, October 2007 issue) in terms of net sales of funds. Over the last four years, the assets of mutual funds in Poland rose by 268% (Polish Financial Supervisory Commission). Poland is consequently one of the most attractive and courted country of Central and Eastern Europe.”, states Henri-Michel Tranchimand, Member of the Executive Committee of Dexia Asset Management.
Alongside an attractive range of funds, Dexia AM also sees opportunities in demographic changes throughout Europe: a fundamental trend sustaining demand for long term asset management services. With assets over 35 billion euros (Lipper Feri, Fund Market Monitor, October 2007 issue), pension funds in Poland account for 60% of the overall pension funds in Central and Eastern Europe. Deregulation of the Polish Pension Fund sector will further open to pension funds the possibility to invest in foreign assets. Dexia AM will bring to that market its experience in serving pension fund across Europe.
In Warsaw, the team will be composed of three staff, headed by Katarzyna Lomnicka. “The very high rate of growth of mutual funds, 268% over 4 years, has attracted the attention of many foreign asset managers who have decided to enter the Polish market. The appreciating Polish zloty and until recently still bullish market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange are keeping investors into mainly Polish and New Europe investment. The next step will be to unleash this potential meaning diversification in terms of investment region and, even more importantly investment products. Dexia AM, with its experience to offer tailor made solutions to the most demanding institutional investors is at the forefront of this trend.”
About Dexia Asset Management

Dexia Asset Management, the asset management centre for the Dexia financial group, specialises in financial analysis, fund management and management of institutional and private mandates. As a first class European asset manager, Dexia AM manages some 111 billion euros of assets spread over a wide range of investment competences: traditional management, alternative management and sustainable and responsible investments. Dexia AM has management centres in Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris and Sydney and sales team throughout Continental Europe, Australia and Bahrain.