press release

Dexia Bank holding in Banque Artesia Nederland

As part of its ongoing review of its activity portfolio and of its strategic analysis as to whether its activities have reached sufficient critical size on their markets, Dexia confirms that it is exploring various possibilities regarding the development of its subsidiary Banque Artesia Nederland.
Banque Artesia Nederland has been a part of the Dexia Group since the acquisition of Artesia Banking Corporation in 2001.
Banque Artesia Nederland is a traditional medium sized bank. Based upon its niche expertise, the client oriented and high quality service, and long term client relationships, it distinguishes itself from large Dutch banks. Banque Artesia Nederland focuses on (i) corporate banking for internationally oriented Dutch large and medium-sized companies and to a lesser extent public finance, (ii) private banking services for high net worth individuals, (iii) residential mortgage activities to retail and private clients and (iv) treasury and financial markets.
Banque Artesia Nederland currently employs 291 people, 183 of whom operate from the head office in Amsterdam, and the remainder in a network of 9 branches.
At the end of 2005 the total balance sheet amounted to EUR 4.7 billion Euro. Loans to customers reached approximately EUR 3.3 billion Euro. In 2005 Banque Artesia Nederland posted a net profit of EUR 28.4 million Euro.