press release

Dexia launches large-scale recruitment campaign

On 15 September, Dexia is launching a large-scale recruitment campaign on the Belgian labour market. Its highlight will be an exclusive Dexia Job Day on 7 October.
Dexia Bank organised its first “Job Day” last May. People who were interested submitted their applications after reading advertisements in the newspapers and on the Bank’s web site. Candidates selected were then invited to an exclusive meeting. They underwent an accelerated recruitment process and, at the end of the weekend, the Bank informed them whether they were to be taken on. In view of the enormous success of that Job Day (40 vacant posts were filled immediately after the event!), the formula has now been extended to cover the Group as a whole.
An advertising campaign is being launched today to provide information on the recruitment campaign. Full-page newspaper as well as radio spots will highlight the event and specify what posts are vacant.
A “car sticker” campaign will begin at the same time, with the Bank asking all its members of staff to place stickers on their cars to attract the attention of potential new colleagues. An SMS number is given: through that contact, people who are interested will receive an email with a link to the Dexia “Jobs” site. Candidates will then be invited to consult the list of vacant posts at and to send their CVs via that site. These CVs will be assessed and selected candidates will then be invited to the national Dexia Job Day on 7 October 2006.
The Dexia Job Day will probably be held in the totally new Dexia Tower on Place Rogier in Brussels. Interviews with the business managers of the divisions which are recruiting, and with human resources staff, will be arranged throughout the day. All the candidates invited to the Job Day will receive the documentation in advance and, an amusing detail, they will also be offered 2 cinema tickets.
In all, 300 vacant posts should be filled by the end of the Dexia Job Day. 200 of them are of direct concern to Dexia Bank, whilst the rest are for other entities: Dexia Group, Dexia Insurance Belgium, Dexia Asset Management and Dexia Auto Lease.
The profiles sought are above all of computer specialists, sales staff and other specialists (tax experts, traders, financial posts and so on). Lawyers, economists, sales and industrial engineers and mathematicians will also be welcomed with open arms. For once, sales staff will be invited to promote themselves.
Within the Dexia Group, more than 1,100 new members of staff are recruited each year, including 300 in Belgium, 370 in France, 250 in Luxembourg and 230 in 26 other countries (including Japan, Mexico, Canada and Eastern Europe).
The Group’s network of self-employed branch managers expects to recruit 120 sales staff.
Dexia is without doubt a choice employer for potential candidates. They apply to join a dynamic group which is among the top 20 financial institutions in Europe and which offers attractive remuneration packages, flexible work organisation and a modern mobility policy. The management not only considers it important to achieve objectives but the manner of achieving them is also of vital importance. The concepts of enterprise spirit, respect for others and commitment occupy a major place in relations with employees. In exchange for their commitment, members of staff are offered fascinating work, with many opportunities for development, and a motivating career plan.