press release

Dexia Sabadell and Société Générale are now structuring the largest metro financing package (EUR 1.2 billion) ever undertaken in Spain

after having jointly structured the financing of the modernisation of the Madrid ring road, amounting to EUR 2.5 billion, in 2005.
BBVA and ICO are also part of the group of banks taking part in this operation
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DEXIA SABADELL and SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE are to joint forces to structure the financing of 142 trains intended for use on the network in Madrid and the Madrid Region.
This network, which is currently in a large-scale development phase, is now the 4th largest in the world, just ahead of that in Paris.
In addition to the financing, the banks will also contribute to the capital of the companies that are to acquire the trains, and then rent them to the Madrid Metro.
These trains are to be built mainly by a consortium consisting of CAF/BOMBARDIER and SIEMENS on the one hand and by ANSALDOBREDA on the other.
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DEXIA SABADELL (40% owned by Banco Sabadell) is a Spanish subsidiary of the Dexia Group, a European bank and world leader in Public/project Finance.
SOCIETE GENERALE, one of the largest banking groups in Europe, is a world reference in structuring financing operations for major infrastructure projects.
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Dexia Sabadell: José Luis Castillo + 34 91 721 33 10
Société Générale: Gilbert Pla + 34 91 589 39 63