press release

Fabio Innocenzi appointed to Dexia's Board of Directors

The General meeting of shareholders of Dexia S.A, held on Wednesday 10 May 2006 appointed Fabio Innocenzi, CEO of Banca Popolare di Verona e Novara, as a member of Dexia's Board of Directors for a term of 4 years ending after the shareholders' meeting of 2010.
Fabio Innocenzi
Born in Verona on 25 March 1961.
PhD in Monetary Economics at Bocconi University, Milan.
A-level diploma (diploma di maturità scientifica) at Liceo Fracastoro of Verona.
Current job assignments:
Chief Executive Officer of Banco Popolare di Verona e Novara since 1 June 2002.
Deputy Chairman of Credito Bergamasco since 12 April 2003.
Deputy Chairman of Banca Popolare di Novara S.p.A. since 24 May 2004.
Deputy Chairman of Banca Aletti & C. since 16 September 2004.
Deputy Chairman of Banca per il Leasing - Italease S.p.A. since 13 June 2003.
Board member of Aletti Merchant S.p.A. since 23 October 2001.
Board member of Aletti Gestielle SGR S.p.A. since 3 April 2002.
Board member of BPV Vita S.p.A. since 22 April 2002.
Member of the Italian Banking Association (Associazione Bancaria Italiana) since 19 December 2001; member of the Executive Committee since 26 June 2002.