press release

Marc Hoffmann leaves Dexia BIL

Dexia Group announces the departure of Mr. Marc Hoffmann, Managing Director and Chairman of the Management Board and Executive Committee of Dexia Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (“Dexia BIL”). The departure is based on a common agreement of both parties.
The Board of Directors of Dexia BIL pays tribute to Mr. Marc Hoffmann who has presided over the development of Dexia BIL since 2001 and would like to thank him for his achievements.
Mr. Hoffmann will leave Dexia BIL by July 17 2006. On the proposal of the Management Board, the Board of Directors has appointed Frank Wagener as Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of Dexia BIL, also responsible for the daily management of the bank until appointment of the new Managing Director.