press release

Project Financing: The Dexia Group confirms its adhesion to the Equator Principles

Today the Dexia Group confirms its commitment by adopting the new version of the “Equator Principles”, the objective of which is improve the management of social and environmental issues associated with the financing of projects involving an amount of more than USD 10 million.
Jacques GUERBER, Vice-Chairman of the Dexia Group Management Board, emphasised the fact that considering its origins, its values and its position as world leader in public financing, it was natural for Dexia to renew its commitment.
Fully aware of responsible commercial practices, Dexia will continue to apply the “Equator Principles”, the only international reference recognised by the finance sector, in its project financing.
Indeed Dexia undertakes only to grant project financing when the promoters can demonstrate that they have dealt with the main environmental and social aspects in accordance with the processes validated by the Bank.
In 2005, Dexia participated in the financing of 59 projects in observance of the “Equator Principles”.

The “Equators Principles” are defined in a set of rules drawn up by a group of major banks according to criteria established by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), an entity of the World Bank.