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Sustainable development

Dexia Insurance Belgium invests in renewable energies
Tuesday 29 August saw the official opening of the largest solar energy production installation in Belgium, on the roof of the Dexia Insurance Belgium workshop in Meise, next to Brussels. This event took place in the presence of Els Van Weert, Secretary of State for Sustainable Development and Social Economy, Roger Heyvaert, Mayor of Meise, Guy Roelandt, CEO of Dexia Insurance Belgium and Gie Verbunt, CEO of the company Izen.
330 photovoltaic panels are now operational on the roof of the workshop. They develop 42,800 Kilowatt hours a year. The panels therefore produce "green" current sufficient for the electricity needs of the building.
After a short introduction by the Mayor who was clearly delighted, Els Van Weert expressed the hope that this sustainable initiative by Dexia Insurance Belgium would encourage other Belgian companies.
"Whenever possible, DIB is only too happy to make its contribution to sustainable development in life", Guy Roelandt explained. This is not the only initiative by DIB and its brands. There is also the kilometre insurance from CoronaDirect, SmartBins for recycling office waste and so on. Insurers think in the long term, in fact, and that is a priority in sustainable policy.
To conclude, Gie Verbunt, CEO of Izen, explained that, even in the rather damp climate of this country, the amount of sunshine is more than sufficient to produce "green" electricity. Moreover the installation is connected to the network, and any production surplus to needs is automatically sent to it. If production is insufficient, the opposite occurs.