press release

The French government has commissioned Mr Pierre Richard, Chairman of the DEXIA Board of Directors, with a study into the control and steering of local authority spending.

The main aim of this study is to analyse the factors that trigger a growth in local authority spending, by measuring the capacity of the elected representatives to influence this growth. It will also take a look at the tools that allow elected representatives to make the choice and usefulness of local authority spending more transparent and therefore more understandable for citizens and define the measures that need to be taken in order to better evaluate the performance of all projects funded by the local authority. 
For this purpose, on the 7th of September, Mr Pierre RICHARD put together a working group comprised of representatives from the association of French mayors (AMF), from the assembly of French departments (ADF) and from the association of French regions (ARF), from the main local authorities concerned and of experts reputed for their research or experience in the field of local authority funding.
For the first time however, all local players and citizens interested in the growth in public spending are invited to participate in the debate underway by posting their observations and proposals on the blog that can be found on the following Web site: