general meeting

Right to ask questions in writing prior to the Shareholders’Meetings

The directors and/or where appropriate the statutory auditor will answer the written questions about the Board and/or Statutory Auditor reports or on the items on the agenda that the shareholders having fulfilled the two conditions of Article 536, § 2 of the Company Code may have prior the Shareholders’ Meetings.
Questions should be sent to the company by 9 May 2018 to the following address: Service Assemblée Générale de Dexia SA, Place du Champ de Mars 5, 1050 Brussels, or by e-mail to
A timely asked written question will be answered at the Shareholder’s Meeting provided that :
·         the legal quorum, if applicable, is reached;
·         the questions relate to items on the agenda of the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting;
·         communication of such data or facts is not detrimental to the business interests of the company or to the confidentiality commitments entered into by the company or its directors or its statutory auditor; and
·        the shareholder asking the question is registered as a shareholder on the Record Date i.e. no later than 2 May 2018 at midnight (Belgian time) and has notified to the company her/his intention to participate in the Shareholders’ Meetings by 9 May 2018 before 4:00 PM.
Questions made on the same subject might be gathered and receive a common answer.