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Delisting and registration of Dexia shares

What do I need to know ?

When will Dexia share be removed from Euronext Brussels regulated market?
After the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of 16 October 2019, Dexia has asked Euronext that the last day of trading be 29 November 2019. Euronext is expected to announce its decision in early November 2019.
What are the consequences of the delisting?
If Euronext decides to remove Dexia share from the Euronext Brussels market upon market close on 29 November 2019, as of 30 November 2019, Dexia shares may no longer be traded on Euronext Brussels.
Moreover, as from 30 November 2019, the dematerialised form of Dexia shares will be cancelled and you will have to request the registration of your shares in Dexia’s register of shares.
How to proceed with the registration?
You will have to instruct the financial institution which keeps your securities account to request Euroclear Belgium to register your shares.
Your financial institution will itself request Euroclear Belgium, which keeps Dexia’s electronic register of registered shares, to register the shares in your name.
Upon the registration of your shares, you may request from Dexia a certificate evidencing your status as shareholder of Dexia and specifying the number of shares registered in your name. This certificate is not transferable.
Upon removal of Dexia share from Euronext Brussels market and cancellation of the dematerialised form, only shares that have been registered in Dexia’s share register may be offered for sale. If the shareholders choose to sell their registered shares in the future, they may do so directly to a counterparty (over-the-counter) or by offering their shares on a public auctions market for unlisted securities (“Euronext Expert Market”).
To transfer registered shares to a third party, Dexia must be requested, either directly or via your financial institution, to register in the name of the beneficiary of the transfer the shares registered in your name in Dexia’s share register. This request must be signed by yourself and the beneficiary of the transfer, who must be perfectly identified. This request may be made in a single document or in two separate documents.
(see also question “May I freely sell my registered shares?“)
Are any fees charged for the registration?
It is likely that the financial institution keeping your securities account will charge a fee to process your registration instruction.
What is the deadline for registration?
In principle, you have 30 years as of 30 November 2019 to register your shares.
However, do not delay your registration request because certain special regimes, such as the "plan d'épargne en actions (PEA)" in France, may require from you a diligent reaction (the conversion of dematerialised shares into registered shares does not in principle result in the loss of the benefits of the PEA). If you have a PEA, please verify that the financial institution that manages your PEA accepts registered securities and whether it charges fees for registered shares in a PEA.
What are the consequences of the registration?
As soon as Dexia shares only exist in registered form (as of 30 November 2019), convening notices to Dexia's general meetings of shareholders will be sent individually to shareholders registered in the register, by post or by e-mail. Dexia will still publish on its website until the end of 2020 the convening notices to its general meetings of shareholders, but it is no longer legally obliged to publish these notices once its shares is no longer listed on a regulated market and the dematerialised form has been cancelled (30 November 2019).
No custody fees are charged by Dexia for the registration of shares in its register.
May I freely sell my registered shares?
You remain free to sell your Dexia shares after registration.
For your information, we point out that a public auctions market for unlisted securities, called “Euronext Expert Market” exists, where Dexia shares may, on shareholders’ request, be offered for sale ( This potential market exists without request or approval from Dexia.