Share capital

Share capital and shareholding structure

The share capital of Dexia SA amounts to five hundred million euros (EUR 500,000,000.00). Following the general assembly of 7 December 2017, it is represented by 420,134,302 shares without indication of their nominal value, each of them representing 1 / 420,134,302nd of the share capital.
Within these 420,134,302 shares, there are:
- 1,948,984 shares identified by an ISIN code. These shares are dematerialized shares or registered shares. The holders of these shares can, at any moment in time and at his own costs, ask for their conversion in registered shares or dematerialized shares;
- 418,185,318 other shares, without ISIN code and exclusively in registered form. The holder of these shares cannot ask for their conversion into dematerialized shares. These shares are held by the Belgian and French States.
During the extraordinary general assembly of 7 December 2017, it has been decided to proceed to the weighted conversion of all shares of category B, issued on 31 December 2012 and held by the States, so as to abide by the requirements imposed by the ECB and the European Commission.
As a part of the conversion, the States have received:
- On the one hand, ordinary shares of the company (without ISIN code); and
- On the other hand, profit shares (Contingent Liquidation Rights or CLR).
These CLR do not represent the capital of Dexia, but grant the States the right to benefit from a preferential distribution on the liquidation of Dexia, after settlement of the debts and charges, in an amount of EUR 440 million per annum to count from 1 January 2018 up to the date of liquidation. This right to a preferential distribution in the event of liquidation may only be exercised once, of the occasion of Dexia's liquidation. 
Further information can be retrieved in the special report of the board of directors, by clicking on this link.