Share capital

Evolution of the share capital and shareholder structure

Following the approval of Dexia’s orderly resolution plan by the European Commission on 28 December 2012, a sufficient capital base needed to be put in place in order for Dexia to be able to respect the applicable regulatory requirements over the entire resolution period. Consequently the Belgian and French States proceeded with a EUR 5.5 billion capital increase of Dexia SA in the form of preference shares as at 31 December 2012. This increase in share capital was executed by issuing 28,947,368,421 new unlisted preference shares, bringing the total number of Dexia SA shares to 30,896,352,895.
This capital increase, which was approved by a very large majority of shareholders (99,4%) at the Dexia SA Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on 21 December 2012, significantly altered the Group’s shareholder structure with the Belgian and French States becoming majority shareholders with holdings in the capital of Dexia SA of 50.02% and 44.40% respectively.
Taking account of the appropriation of the incurred loss, the capital was reduced with the approval of the  Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on 8 May 2013 by EUR 5.5 billion to EUR 500 million. At 31 December 2013, Dexia SA’s share capital therefore stands at EUR 500,000,000.
On 4 March 2016, a reverse stock split on the Dexia shares with a ratio of one new share for one thousand existing shares has been effective, As a consequence of this operation, the total number of Dexia SA shares amounts to 30,896,352.

Dexia shareholding structure as at 15 April 2016