Share characteristics


Number of shares with and without ISIN Code

Number of shares with ISIN Code
1 948 984
Number of shares without ISIN Code
418 185 318
Share capital
EUR 500,000,000
     * Data as of December 7, 2017
Following the conversion of the shares of category B in ordinary shares as of 7 December 2017, there are 420,134,302 shares without indication of their nominal value.
Within these 420,134,320 shares, there are:
- 1,948,984 shares identified by an ISIN code. These shares are dematerialized shares or registered shares. The holder of these shares can, at any moment in time and at own costs, ask for their conversion in registered shares or dematerialized shares;
- 418,185,318 other shares, without ISIN code and exclusively in registered form. The holder of these shares cannot ask for their conversion into dematerialized shares. These shares are held by the Belgian and French States.
The shares identified by an ISIN code are listed on Euronext Brussels. 

Registered shares are represented by an entry in the register of registered Dexia shares, managed by Euroclear Belgium. Dematerialized shares are represented by an entry in an account in the name of the share owner with a recognised financial institution or directly with Dexia’s clearing institution, Euroclear Belgium. All registered shares identified by an ISIN code can be converted free of charge into dematerialised shares, and vice versa, as the owner wishes.
Dexia S.A. has appointed Euroclear Belgium as “Single Paying Agent” in charge of the financial services related to the Dexia share. For all questions related to the creation, sale or transfer of registered shares, please contact:
Euroclear Belgium
Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 1
1210 Bruxelles (Belgique)
@ :
As from the conversion, 7 December 2017, all shareholders have identical economic rights. Owing to the Company's financial situation and its prospects, however, it is extremely unlikely that a dividend distribution can be envisaged.
However, the States have, by virtue of the profit shares CLR,  a preferential right at the occasion of the liquidation of the Company. Consequently, if the Company required liquidation, the States would have at that moment the right on a preferential benefit resulting from the profit shares CLR, equal to the amount of EUR 440 million per annum counted from 1 January 2018 up to the date of placement in liquidation of the Company.
Any balance would then be attributed to all holders of ordinary shares, proportionally to the number of shares they hold.