Retail and Commercial Banking

Dexia operates as a retail and commercial bank, principally in Belgium, Luxembourg and Turkey. It is targeting 10 million customers by 2014.

Full range of services

Dexia offers a full range of retail, commercial and private banking services to over eight million customers mainly in Belgium and Luxembourg, its two historic markets. It also operates in Turkey where the Group is developing an excellent track record as a commercial bank.

Its target is to turn retail and commercial banking into its principal engine of growth. By 2014, it should be serving 10 million customers and accounting for 60% of Group income.

High Street bank

Dexia is one of the three biggest High Street banks in Belgium and Luxembourg, where the Group serves over four million customers.

In Belgium Dexia creates banking products and services for personal customers, businesses and institutional clients and sells them through its nationwide network of 800 High Street branches.

In Luxembourg, Dexia has about forty High Street branches selling financing and investment products to businesses and private individuals (local residents and frontier-workers). Luxembourg is also the hub for the Group’s international wealth management operations.

Turkey – growth engine

DenizBank, Dexia’s Turkish subsidiary, is one of the six biggest privately-owned banks in the country and serves personal customers, businesses and institutional clients through a network of 500 branches. 

Between now and 2014, DenizBank is set to accelerate the rate of new branch openings in the country to take its total of outlets to 800. The aim is to attract a further two million additional customers and raise the customer base to six million.