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Information to Dexia Crédit Local clients

What are Dexia's current activities?

In accordance with the approval received from the European Commission for its restructuring plan at the end of 2012, Dexia's mission is to manage its assets in run-off.

As a result, Dexia Crédit Local ensures management of your exposures within a securitisation and risk management framework.

I no longer have a local contact. Who can I contact for questions about my Dexia Crédit Local loans?

The Dexia Crédit Local customer team has relocated to Paris to comply with European Commission requirements.

The members of this team are your primary contacts and are responsible for handling your files. They are available to meet your needs with respect to current commitments and to find solutions with you to manage your debt. You can contact them at the following email address:

As of February 2013, a portion of my exposures has been managed by Dexia Crédit Local (DCL) and the other by SFIL. How do I know which is which?

Dexia and CAFFIL wrote to all of their customers in France to notify the change of loan manager for loans included in the balance sheet of CAFFIL.

Exposure management was assigned based on a simple formula, i.e., to the entity at which the loans are recorded. Therefore, loans recorded at DCL are managed by DCL and those recorded at CAFFIL, now a SFIL subsidiary, are managed by SFIL. The payment and drawdown notices received by your departments show the balance sheet (DCL or CAFFIL) on which each of your loans is recorded.

How can I file a complaint with Dexia Crédit Local?

If you are a Dexia Crédit Local customer and want to file a complaint about the execution or management of a contract, please send it by post or email to the following address:


Dexia Crédit Local
Customer service
1, passerelle des Reflets
Tour CBX - La Défense 1
TSA 92202
92919 La Défense

providing your customer n° and the contract reference number(s).

Your request is not a request for services, for information, for a clarification or for an opinion.

Dexia Crédit Local and subsidiaries, commit to acknowledging receipt of your complaint within ten working days following receipt of your request at the address indicated and to provide an answer within two months maximum.


Contacting the London Office

Dexia Management Services Limited
Suite 839, 6th Floor
Salisbury House
London Wall
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 7470 7300