The mission of the Dexia Group

Managing the resolution and ensuring the funding of an extremely complex balance sheet in order to avoid any systemic risk

while safeguarding the interests of the Belgian and French States, shareholders and guarantors of the Group and, indirectly, of taxpayers. 

The Dexia Group is managed in accordance with the orderly resolution plan validated by the European Commission in December 2012.

As such, the Group no longer has any commercial activity and manages a complex balance sheet of considerable size. The management in resolution aims to avoid any systemic risk and further recourse to French and Belgian taxpayers.

The Belgian and French States hold the majority of the capital of Dexia Holding (auparavant Dexia), following a capital increase of EUR 5.5 billion in December 2012.

The shareholder States also guarantee the debt issues of Dexia (formerly Dexia Crédit Local) up to a maximum of EUR 75 billion, a mechanism which enables it to refinance itself on the markets. 

The Dexia Group operated its orderly resolution as a bank until 31 December 2023. In July 2023, the Group applied for the withdrawal of the banking and investment services authorisations of Dexia (formerly Dexia Crédit Local), which was approved by the European Central Bank in December 2023, with an implementation date of 1 January 2024.

Since 1 January 2024, Dexia (formerly Dexia Crédit Local) has therefore continued its orderly resolution as a non-bank.

Defined in 2020 by the Group's Management Board, our core common values reflect the Dexia of today and tomorrow. These values - to be agile, to foster cohesion, to commit to the general interest and to cultivate trust - define the way in which Dexia implements its mission. 

In order to embody these values and integrate them into day-to-day professional practices, the leadership model feeds into the recruitment, integration, training and human resources performance processes. In particular, this model makes it possible to validate the commitment of future staff members and the fact that they share our corporate culture.  

  • To be agile: we adapt rapidly to changes in our environment as we move through the stages of our strategic plan, anticipating, challenging, daring and innovating.
  • To foster cohesion: we share a common vision and encourage everyone to cooperate and work transversally to support our strategy.
  • To commit to the general interest: we are committed to the orderly resolution of the Group and to the efficient management of the portfolio and associated risks in a manner which respects our shareholders and the general interest.
  • To cultivate trust: we live up to our commitments and act transparently, so that trust is the basis of professional relations between colleagues, with our shareholders and with all external stakeholders.
The establishments
An essentially European establishment  
The challenges
To maintain the Dexia Group's funding capacity while preserving its capital base and ensuring its operational continuity  
About Dexia Holding

Dexia Holding (formerly Dexia) is the Group's parent company, based in Brussels

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About Dexia

Dexia (formerly Dexia Crédit Local) in the Group's main operating entity, based in Paris

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