Back Office activities

Transfer of the Back Office activities of Dexia Crédit Local

Please be notified that the Back Office activities of DEXIA CREDIT LOCAL (hereinafter “DCL”) were transferred to COGNIZANT HORIZON FINANCIAL SERVICES (hereinafter “CHFS”), a French company, on May 1st, 2018.

This transfer has no impact at all on your contractual relations with DCL, which remain

As a consequence:

- The Back Office activities of DCL, including credit and market aspects, are transferred to CHFS and the continuity of these activities is assured under the same operating modes  by CHFS;

- Your relations with other DCL teams (including but not limited to the Front Office) remain unchanged;

- All the operations undertaken by CHFS in relation to DCL activities, with DCL’s customers and counterparties, continue to be carried out in the name and under the responsibility of DCL. To that end, CHFS has been delegated the power to sign in its name certain types of documents within the delimited framework of such day-to-day Back Office activities;

Since 1 May 2018, the email addresses of the transferred staff members has changed. Thank you for using the email addresses in this new form: "".

Since 9 July 2018, the phone numbers of the Back-Office teams have changed. Starting from that date, the new phone number is to be used, phone number that can be found in their email signatures.

NB :
° The postal address of Back-Office teams remains the same;
° The bank details of DCL are not changed;

For additional information, please contact your usual Back-Office contacts or DCL customer service: