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Job description

Principal task:
For all Group entities and activity lines, the holder of the post coordinates reporting, consolidates, analyses and harmonises financial and strategic information in order to ensure medium and long-term projections of financial indicators.

Vital tasks:
For the entire Dexia scope (including subsidiaries and branches), directly or, where applicable, in collaboration with representatives within subsidiaries and branches, the holder of the post has the following tasks:   
Within the framework of the strategic planning tasks:

  • Producing the Group's medium and long-term financing plan, including :
  • Analysing and proposing of recommendations on operations and projects when these have an impact on the Group's liquidity situation.
  • Simulating and assessing the impact of projected decisions.
  • Producing and coordinating the long-term financial plan construction process (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Solvency): collecting/producing basic data, proposing/reviewing strategic and financial options, checking and analysing results.
  • Contributing, in conjunction with the departments for which you are responsible, to the development of new measurement methodologies and new reports for monitoring structural balance sheet risks.
  • Carrying out ad hoc studies: contributing to, reviewing and validating impact studies for significant projects, in coordination with the departments and services concerned. 

Key professional skills:
Knowledge of the principles of financial management and analysis.
Good knowledge of financial instruments.
Mastery of Excel, Access, Business Object and VBA.


Job description

The task of the holder of the post is to analyse and improve market risk indicators in order to provide an adequate picture of the risk profile of Dexia Crédit Local and the Dexia Group.
The holder of the post performs all or some of the following tasks:

  • Identifying market risks for the activities it monitors, developing indicators for measuring and monitoring market risks, in particular VaR, stress tests and economic capital.
  • Updating policies, guidelines, methodologies and procedures to ensure adequate documentation of the activity.
  • Ensuring that the prudential framework is properly applied (management of the internal GIRR model, calculation of capital requirements, etc.).
  • Measuring and analysing risk and financial performance indicators according to the appropriate timetable and the level of quality and traceability defined.
  • Daily monitoring of limits and escalation in case of overshooting.
  • Periodically checking the insignificance of non-modelled risks; periodically checking the relevance of the assumptions and shortcuts used in the different models.
  • Monitoring regulatory changes and simulating their impact.
  • Participating in the improvement of production and reporting tools.
  • Participating in modelling new risks related to new products.  

Profile sought

We are seeking our future staff member among graduates of engineering colleges with a specialisation in finance or university bachelor's degree in financial mathematics and finance.
A good knowledge of market activities and financial products as a whole is required for the position.
At least three years experience in a financial market environment is required.
English is used both in writing and orally, so we are looking for candidates who are fluent in this language.


Job description

Within the Data & Regulatory Expertise department, and under the responsibility of a division or team manager, the holder of the post is in charge of producing and monitoring regulatory indicators and reporting them to the bank's various external and internal bodies, as well as improving regulatory reporting practices along various data quality lines.

The Regulatory Risk Reporting Analyst collects and analyses information on the Group's regulatory risks for the purpose of reporting to the regulator, and is responsible for some or all of the following tasks:

  • Guaranteeing the reliability of regulatory reporting by respecting the quality requirements and the required deadlines; and being able to analyse these figures according to different lines: by position, by business line, by type of portfolio, etc.
  • Producing, analysing and first level controls of defined regulatory reports.
  • Producing, consolidating, analysing and presenting regulatory indicators.
  • Formalising, updating and leading operational procedures.
  • Formalising controls and inter-reporting controls.
  • Leading sign-off processes on regulatory indicators.
  • Ensuring prudential monitoring in order to anticipate the impact of regulatory changes on the team's deliverables.
  • Assisting the manager in all non-recurring tasks (specific studies, projects, etc.). 

Key professional skills:

  • Extensive experience in investment banking, particularly in regulatory, prudential, market and credit management, back office, risk and accounting aspects.
  • Knowledge of the principles of Asset/Liability Management of a bank.
  • Good mathematical background.
  • Good computer skills.
  • Analytical mind, sense of initiative, autonomy, creativity, team spirit, good communication skills and ability to learn quickly.
  • Experience in defining and implementing business procedures.
  • Ability to design, monitor and critically assess transversal processes in a banking environment
  • Fluency in English (spoken and written) 



Higher education in engineering or university (BAC+4/5) Corporate and Investment Banking and/or with a specialisation in Information Systems.