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Ben je op zoek naar nieuwe, stimulerende en boeiende uitdagingen? Wil je je loopbaan in een stroomversnelling brengen door je vaardigheden verder te ontwikkelen? Zou je graag je inzetbaarheid een boost geven in een dynamische en leerrijke omgeving? Je profiel interesseert ons!

Job description

We are seeking a Compliance Officer to join the Compliance Department.


The incumbent of the post will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Managing Framework and OSCAR controls,
  • Carrying out first and second level controls,
  • Drafting documents for the Management Board, regulators, the annual report and any ad hoc requests,
  • Monitoring internal and external audit recommendations,
  • Ensuring that all KYC documents are available, monitoring the update of KYC forms and committing to a timely update.
  • Supporting other team members on coordination projects,
  • Organising the monthly meeting with all other entities, the annual compliance seminar, and so on.



Profil recherché

We are looking for our future staff member to have a degree in law, economics or finance with a minimum of three years’ experience in a banking/financial environment within an internal control team.


Some of the documentation provided, requested productions and exchanges with the departments are in English, so we are looking for candidates who are at ease in English, both orally and in writing.


If you are known for your ability to analyse and summarise, your organisational skills, your precision and autonomy, as well as your interpersonal skills, then we look forward to receiving your application !


This position can be based in Paris or Brussels.


Job description

The main task performed by the incumbent of this post is to take charge of matters related to the analysis and production of external and internal regulatory reports while respecting the quality level and the required deadlines in coordination with the other team members.


Against that background, he or she:

  • Produces and participates in the production of internal and external regulatory reporting related to credit risk: COREP, Large Exposure, Leverage Ratio, Pillar 3, and so on,
  • Performs relevant controls in order to validate the quality of reporting (knowledge of regulations, EAD and RWA calculation methods, and so on),
  • Participates in asset reconciliation work between the Risk and Accounting divisions,
  • Participates actively in the work on closures: monitors the evolution of the portfolio and the quality of data feedback, identify and resolves problems,
  • Responds to requests for controls and traceability of the processes concerned and drafts/updates operational procedures,
  • Produces precise and efficient analyses or simulations at the request of management,
  • Improves/optimises reporting tools in order to reduce production times, by developing complex reporting queries in Business Objects or by automating manual processes in Access/Excel/VBA,
  • Monitors regulatory changes and participates in their implementation either via local solutions or via solutions in the systems.

Profil recherché

We are seeking candidates with a university or engineering college degree with a risk management component and at least five years’ experience in a similar position.


Experience in the field of banking regulation and solvency ratios is expected.


A good knowledge and understanding of different types of risks (credit, market and so on), Basel 3/CRR2 regulations and accounting principles are required.


English is used both in writing and orally, so we are looking for candidates who are fluent in English.


Proficiency in Excel, VBA, B.O, SQL, Access is an asset.


The qualities expected to perform this task successfully: autonomy, precision, adaptability, ability to manage different subjects simultaneously, and an appetite for teamwork.


Job description

Au sein de la Direction des Risques, vous intègrerez l'équipe du Contrôle Permanent et vous serez progressivement amené(e) à remplir les missions suivantes :


Vos missions :

  • Participer au projet de revue et d’optimisation du plan de contrôle permanent
  • Réaliser des contrôles indépendants de deuxième niveau et revoir la documentation des contrôles de premier niveau restitués par les fonctions opérationnelles lors des campagnes trimestrielles.
  • Proposer des plans d’actions et de remédiations afin d’améliorer la pertinence et l’efficacité des contrôles et réduire les risques nets.
  • Contribuer au reporting destiné au management.
  • Participer à l’administration fonctionnelle de l’application de gestion des contrôles (OSCAR)
  • Participer au projet d’évolutions fonctionnelles de l’outil OSCAR.

Profil recherché

  • Vous êtes actuellement en cours de formation Grande Ecole, diplôme universitaire équivalent ou Ingénieur data science.
  • Vous avez des qualités de communication orale et écrite, notamment en anglais (également écrit et oral).
  • Vous êtes reconnu(e) pour votre rigueur, votre esprit de synthèse, votre dynamisme, votre force de proposition et votre vision transverse.
  • Vous avez un intérêt pour les métiers du contrôle
  • Vous maitrisez l’outil Business Object s ainsi que les outils bureautiques de type Excel / VBA
  • Vous disposez d’un bon relationnel et un esprit d'équipe.

Date de début souhaité : A partir Septembre 2022 – Contrat de 6 mois

Lieu : La Défense


Job description

The incumbent of the post is responsible for the Group's liquidity projections presented to ALCO (and communicated to the States and regulators) and for the management of liquidity for the Finance division.


He/she participates in steering the liquidity strategy, liquidity ratios and the budget process by issuing management recommendations in conjunction with the Front Office and Risk ALM departments.


He/she also participates in the preparation of the Group's long-term financial projections for the CODIR, the Board of Directors and external stakeholders in order to monitor the execution of the Group's orderly resolution plan.


He/she carries out studies to assess the impact of strategic projects on the main components of this financial trajectory (balance sheet size, liquidity requirements, interest margin, residual risks, compliance with regulatory constraints, and so on).


Essential tasks

  • Participation in the process of projecting liquidity needs and compliance with regulatory constraints for the ALCO, by challenging assumptions (volumes, buffers, execution prices, and so on) in conjunction with the Risk and Front Office teams. Regular communication to guarantor States and regulators. Issuing management recommendations to protect the Bank's liquidity while optimising the associated costs.
  • Leading the weekly liquidity committee to validate with stakeholders the assumptions considered in the Group's liquidity trajectory and the analysis of management proposals on liquidity strategy.
  • Coordination of the liquidity budget process by defining the methodology to optimise costs while respecting the Risk Framework limits
  • Participation in the process of building the long-term financial plan (balance sheet, liquidity, profit and loss account, solvency, and so on): collection/production/enrichment of data, proposal/review of strategic and financial options, control and analysis of results, formalisation of associated summary documents.
  • Proposal of solutions to improve the financial trajectory by anticipating the impact of changes in the economic or regulatory context on balance sheet risks.

Profil recherché

You will be expected to have at least five years' experience in financial management or analysis, particularly in the areas of liquidity, profitability and solvency, as well as a very good knowledge of liquidity management, the monitoring of associated indicators and financial instruments (loans, securities, hedging derivatives, and so on).


A transversal knowledge of the associated ALM concepts (interest rate, base, foreign exchange, index risks, and so on) is required to perform the tasks for this position successfully.


A good command of IT tools (Excel, Access, Business Object, VBA, and so on) is required.


The qualities required for this position are precision, analytical and synthetic skills, good writing skills, organisational skills and a capacity for innovation.


Fluency in English is expected.


Job description

Under the responsibility of the Head of IT Systems Security, the IS Project Manager participates in the general coordination of IT security and business continuity management of the Dexia Group.

He/she participates in the steering of actions to be taken to achieve the objectives of the security and continuity policy and monitors the implementation of this policy and the associated directives.

The incumbent of the post will take charge of and/or contribute to the following tasks:

  • Participation in the implementation of security aspects in projects (e.g. Security Questionnaire and Security Impact Assessment) and in this context participation in the Architecture and PPB Committee,
  • Participation in IT systems security management committees with the main service providers, and in committees organised by the WatchTower,
  • Production or contribution to the production of KRIs and associated metrics,
  • Assessment of ISS/BCP risks (RCSA ICT mapping), coordination and monitoring of ISS/BCP risk remediation actions, analysis and management of security incidents and participation in related committees, methodological and technological monitoring,
  • Organisation and management of technical projects: internet access requests, audits, penetration tests, infrastructure and security issues, and so on,
  • Preparation of the internal IT systems security steering committee (CPSSI) (scorecard, monitoring of recurring actions, monitoring of projects, ISS and business continuity news),
  • Participation in the bank's strategic transformation projects in the area of IS security and business continuity; interaction with the operational departments, audit, compliance and permanent control departments,
  • Definition of guidelines (policies and procedures) in terms of IT systems security and business continuity to ensure overall governance of ISS/BCP (Business Continuity Plan) operational risks,
  • Raising staff awareness of IT system risks to prevent fraud (awareness campaign, internal communication actions to remind them of the rules of use),
  • Management of authorisations and logical access and business continuity plans (BCP) in support of other members of the Security team.

Profil recherché

  • You have the ability to analyse and summarise.
  • You are recognised for your intellectual precision and organisational skills.
  • You have good writing and speaking skills.
  • You have at least ten years' professional experience in ISS.
  • You are familiar with office tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • You are fluent in English, which is essential for the post.
  • You have certifications: CISM, CISSP, CCSP, 27001 Lead Implementer, 27001Provisional Auditor/Lead Auditor.

Job description

Within the Finance & Business Management department, you will organise the second-level accounting and regulatory control. In this capacity, you will carry out both regular controls (process of closing the accounts and establishing regulatory reporting) and ad hoc controls (thematic reviews) within the scope of Dexia and its subsidiaries.


You will ensure the quality and efficiency of the control environment and make proposals to strengthen processes and controls.


You may also be required to conduct transversal reviews or help implement controls which impact several departments.


The main objective of the incumbent of the post is to guarantee the correct and uniform application of the Dexia Group's principles and procedures.


The principal functions are as follows:

  • Implementing second-level accounting and regulatory control: carrying out interventions (control on the basis of samples) to assess the quality of processes within the scope of Dexia and its subsidiaries; checking the consistency between accounting standards, records and control documents; reviewing the audit trail of regulatory reporting.
  • Participating in the activities of the accounting and regulatory control function in conjunction with the accounting department and the data and regulatory reporting department: maintaining a risk map, steering the process of justifying financial statements and defining a schedule of interventions based in particular on the recommendations issued by the auditors and statutory auditors.
  • Taking part in transversal thematic tasks: proposing improvements aimed at strengthening controls and the quality of accounting production as well as the documentation of processes, making proposals and ensuring the implementation of documented control processes within the framework of new projects (development of accounting standards, outsourcing, repatriation, automation, new regulatory reporting, and so on).
  • Writing summary notes on the work carried out.

Profil recherché

You will be required to have a degree from a business or engineering college, or a university equivalent, specialising in Accounting - Audit.


You will have at least three years’ experience in accounting/regulatory functions or internal or external audit in a banking environment with solid management experience.


Languages: French and English (with a very good knowledge of both standard and technical English).


Technical knowledge: very good skills in bank accounting, in particular concerning IFRS and French GAAP standards as well as a good command of the main regulatory reporting: Finrep; Corep; LCR; NSFR; Anacrédit.


Your main assets are:

- good interpersonal skills, diplomacy,

- communication skills, curiosity,

- precision, organisation and method,

- taste for operations,

- ability to convince.


Job description

We are looking for an Accountant for market activities within the financial control division of the finance department.
This new employee will be entrusted with the following missions:

  • Participate in the first level accounting control process of the operations managed.
  • Participate in the implementation of the control plan established within the team and ensure compliance with the correct accounting translation both in terms of IFRS standards and according to the local reference system of the entity concerned.
  • Implementing consistency work aimed at validating the correct transcription of managed operations.
  • Participate in the documentation of accounting schemes.
  • Participate in the deployment of new products or management methods according to his/her experience in order to integrate new operations in an automated manner.
  • Participate in various strategic projects.


Profil recherché

We are looking for candidates with a degree in accounting, university or business school (minimum of 3 years of higher education) and at least 2 years of experience in a similar position.

These candidates must have knowledge of financial operations and IFRS9 and of computer and office tools (Office pack).

Team spirit, ability to work in a cross-functional manner, analytical skills and


Job description

The post holder coordinates the updates to the long-term financial plan (VLTM) intended for the Management Committee, Board of Directors, external stakeholders (States, regulators, etc.) in order to facilitate monitoring of the execution of the Group’s resolution plan. The post holder undertakes impact assessments of strategic projects on the principal components of this financial trajectory (size of balance sheet, liquidity requirements, MNI, residual risks, adherence to regulatory requirements, etc.). 

Key tasks

Across Dexia (subsidiaries and branches included), directly or where appropriate, in collaboration with representatives within the subsidiaries or branches, the poster holder will undertake the following tasks:

  • Production and coordination of the long-term financial plan construction process (balance sheet, liquidity, profit and loss account, solvency, etc.): collection/production/enhancement of data, proposal/review of strategic and financial options, audit and analysis of results, formalisation of the summary document.
  • Realisation of ad hoc research: financial analysis and recommendations on the operations and cross-functional projects when these impact the structural risks to the balance sheet, review and validation of impact assessments coordinating with departments and units in question.
  • Proposal of solutions to improve the financial trajectory by anticipating impacts of changes in the economic or regulatory circumstances on the balance sheet risks
  • Contribution, in conjunction with department with responsibility, to the development of new measurement methodologies and new ways of reporting structural risks to the balance sheet.

Profil recherché

  • Solid experience in management or financial analysis is expected, notably on issues relating to liquidity, profitability and solvency as well as excellent knowledge of financial instruments (loans, securities, hedging derivatives, etc.) and a cross-sector view of related ALM concepts (rate risks, base, foreign exchange, index, etc.)
  • Good command of IT tools (Excel, Access, Business Object, VBA…etc.) is required.
  • The qualities needed for this role are meticulousness, an analytical mind and ability to see the bigger picture, good writing skills, organisational skills as well as an ability to think outside the box.
  • Excellent command of English is required.



Job description

Within the Risk Department, you will work in the RMQD (Risk Models, Quantification and Defaults) team. The RMQD team is responsible for the development and use of all quantitative credit risk models, both at counterparty and portfolio level.

The development is based on
advanced statistical and mathematical modelling. The models are used by the RMQD team itself for key regulatory and strategic exercises, ranging from quarterly IFRS9 expected credit loss calculations, projections of the key risk measures in the financial plan, stress testing and the integrated ICAAP file of the bank.

More specifically, the projects cover:

  • The development, maintenance and backtesting of the internal credit risk models, which are used for analyzing the counterparty-level credit risk in the Dexia Portfolio. This implies the construction of rating migration, PD and LGD models, covering the whole process from data collection & treatment, discrimination analysis and calibration of the risk levels up to implementation (both long-term Through-TheCycle and Point-In-Time macro-economic models).


  • The calibration of the parameters of the internally developed portfolio management tool which assesses the portfolio tail risk (Credit
    Value-at-Risk, VaR). These include a.o. the calibration of stochastic PD and LGD, the asset correlation structure and global maintenance/updates of the portfolio management tool to reflect the portfolio’s risk dynamics.


  • The production of strategic long-term and/or stress test results for top management. The RMQD team assists in the development of the
    different base and stress scenarios and is responsible for the calculation of all credit risk impacts (a.o. losses in case of default, IFRS9 provisions, risk-weighted assets). On other risks (such as operational and market risk) the RMQD team is responsible for the collection and aggregation of the relevant results from the other Risk teams in order to produce the global risk view across the bank and its entities under all base and stress scenarios.


  • The development and follow-up of the credit risk indicators within Dexia’s Risk Appetite Framework.


  • Follow-up of the key regulatory developments to assess the impact of future changes and foresee a correct implementation and calculation of the regulatory requirements. This is done for both prudential (CRR) requirements and accounting (IFRS9) provisions, which are calculated on a quarterly basis.


All the above mentioned models and tools are built and maintained within RMQD inside the Matlab environment, while the data
treatment is mainly based on SQL.

Profil recherché

You hold a University degree with a quantitative and/or financial background (business engineer, civil engineer, physicist, mathematician,

You have at least 3 years of experience in risk quantification and/or Credit risk in a bank or financial institution, or have an equivalent
working experience, such as a PhD in your domain.

Languages : English, French, Ducth

You have a good knowledge on statistics/mathematics, as well as in financial products and markets, or are willing to invest in the latter.

You are comfortable with programming/model development in Maltab/R and SQL.

You are able to push the team forward and contribute to the team dynamics, while at the same time being able to work on an individual

You are able to focus on finding effective solutions that are applicable for Dexia’s business, in a changing economic and regulatory environment.


Job description

Au sein de la direction Financial Controlling, le titulaire du poste participe au suivi et à l’analyse financière d'un portefeuille d'actifs sensibles du groupe en proche collaboration avec le Front Office. Il assure notamment la bonne production des impacts financiers associés à partir des données de marché, risque et comptable. Il contribue à la préparation et la vérification des reportings publiés. Il s'approprie et améliore les processus nécessaires à la production et à la maîtrise des données analytiques, et ce dans un environnement stimulant.

Vos missions:

Le titulaire du poste assure, selon l’organisation définie, les missions suivantes :

  • Suivi des activités commerciales : collecter et challenger des informations en provenance de différents départements (Front Office, Finance, Risk). Dans cette optique, le candidat devra être agile dans sa compréhension des produits financiers (prêt, titre, swap, ...) et leur modélisation dans le but de produire les impacts financiers et indicateurs de suivi associés.
  • Production de rapports de gestion, à usage interne et/ou externe, nécessaire au suivi des activités du Groupe (e.g. Reporting de suivi des activités du Front-Office, …)
  • Participation à la mise en place d’un ERP visant à centraliser toutes les données qualitatives et quantitatives relatives aux portefeuilles commerciaux de la banque permettant la mise en qualité d’informations financières.
  • La fluidification des relations avec les directions, services ou entités en relation avec son activité.
  • Participation aux projets du Groupe ou de mise en place d’outils informatiques en fonction des besoins d’évolutions fonctionnelles.
  • Produire des reportings et des analyses ad hoc à destination du Top Management.

Le candidat ou la candidate sera accompagné(e) dans ses travaux, en autonomie croissante.

Profil recherché

  • Vous êtes diplômé(e) d'une formation financière, gestion, comptabilité (universitaire ou école de commerce niveau Bac +4 / Bac+5.
    Vous avez des qualités de communication orale et écrite, en anglais et en Français.
  • Vous connaissez le secteur bancaire et les produits financiers
  • Vous êtes force de proposition dans l'automatisation et le streamlining des processus opérationnels
  • Vous êtes reconnu(e) pour votre esprit analytique, votre autonomie, votre curiosité, votre aisance à la communication, votre sens de la rigueur et vos capacités à exploiter des données financières, notamment par la création de base de données
  • Vous maîtrisez les outils bureautiques Excel, Access, VBA) et, idéalement Alteryx, Tagetik, Essbase, SAP FC,…
    Vous avez une bonne compréhension générale du référentiel comptable (IFRS, French Gaap etc.) et réglementaire (règles prudentielles bancaires).

Job description

Among the main responsibilities of RMQD are:

- Developing, backtesting and stresstesting of quantitative credit risk models (e.g. probability of default), in the context of IFRS 9 provisioning and for internal risk assessment, for all asset classes in the Dexia portfolio.

- The annual production of the internal capital assessment (ICAAP) covering all risk types. Full production of the credit risk assessment via portfolio risk models. Transversal responsibility with other teams to collect input for other risk types (market risk, operational risk, climate risk, …) and to integrate all risks in the final overall risk assessment.

- Developing and backtesting of models translating forward looking macro-economic scenarios into credit risk impacts.

- Strategic planning and capital projection under different scenarios for the full Dexia portfolio, taking into account economic and regulatory constraints, and considering specific risks at portfolio level such as correlation and concentration risk.

The position involves state-of-the-art modelling and data science for active risk management. This is a perfect first experience in quantitative risk management, in a multicultural environment within a highly motivated team.

Profil recherché

University degree with a strong quantitative orientation (mathematics, commercial engineering, physics, statistics, data science).

Strong programming skills are required.

  • Profound knowledge of English and French are required.
  • Experience in Financial Mathematics, Risk & Financial Engineering is a plus but not a requirement.
  • Desired experience: none
  • Specialization: Finance, Mathematics, Physics
  • Spoken languages: French, English
  • Level of study: Bac+5 and more
  • Degree: MASTER 2, MBA

Job description

Reporting to the Risk Department, you will be responsible for defining regulatory methods and treatments as well as analyzing the impacts of future regulatory changes covering risk topics, with a focus on quantitative aspects. This analysis is conducted on ad hoc projects and recurring strategic projects (the financial plan, ICAAP, stress tests, etc.):


- defining regulatory methods and processes and ensuring the proactive monitoring of future developments in prudential regulation (relating to risk issues);

- defining regulatory methods and processes for risk topics;

- proposing solutions to optimize Dexia's key regulatory indicators such as solvency ratio and leverage ratio;

- participating in the management of certain strategic transversal projects related to regulations, such as the Risk Appetite Framework;

- participating in the implementation of proactive regulatory monitoring on risk topics (CRR2, Basel 3 / Basel 4, and so on);

- analyzing and managing the impacts of regulatory changes on indicators, on the bank's strategy, on risk policy and on calculation tools and processes (financial plan, ICAAP, stress tests, ...). You make basic and stress projections of regulatory evolutions based on quantitative models.





Profil recherché

With further education to BAC +5, a degree from a university or engineering or business college, you have at least 5 years' professional experience in a similar position.

You will speak fluent English.

You will have a good knowledge of the main financial products (derivatives, especially swaps, bonds, repos, etc.)

You will have a good understanding of credit risk and market risk.

You will have a good knowledge of databases, data science or programming.

You will be known for your accuracy, your strength of proposal and your adaptability.



Job description

Reporting to the Head of Communication and Investor Relations, you will be responsible for defining, coordinating and implementing the Group's communication activities :

  • To communicate externally, relevant and transparent information about the Group's strategy, implementation of the resolution, activities and results,
  • To meet regulatory and legal requirements for regulated communication and disclosure, including the emerging ESG regulation,
  • To disseminate internally information to staff members and to develop a corporate culture and
  • The Communication and Investor Relations Officer will ensure the overall coherence of the Group's communication.

    Principal tasks

External, financial and regulatory communication

  • Managing the production of the annual and half-yearly reports of Dexia and Dexia Crédit Local and the quarterly Pillar 3 report on risks.
  • Drafting press releases ensuring their translation, consistency and distribution.
  • Managing the relationship with financial and extra-financial rating agencies: monitoring the evolution of the rating of the Group's issuing entities, preparing for and participating in annual rating review meetings and ad hoc meetings with the agencies.
  • Participating in the construction of the Group's ESG reporting, ensuring that current and future regulatory obligations are integrated.
  • Preparing presentations and communication materials for meetings with Dexia's stakeholders as required and requested by management.
    Preparing and drafting answers to questions from shareholders, investors and journalists.
  • Participating in general meetings, investor meetings and press conferences.
  • Providing content for the website: ensuring the coherence and relevance of the information made available and dealing with the necessary updates.
  • Monitoring the French, Dutch and English-speaking press and media on a daily basis, providing targeted information and, if necessary, preparing the required reactions.

Elaboration of content

  • Defining the Group's communication line and developing the information content on various subjects, which may be technically complex or highly sensitive, against the background of the Group's resolution.
  • Adapting the format of communications depending on the distribution channel and the target audience, in order to ensure effective and appropriate communication.
  • Ensuring the overall consistency of the Group's communication and the homogeneity of the information communicated in the different formats and communication channels.
  • Following the Group's news and keeping a watch on the evolution of the banking sector, regulations and news which could impact the Group, including monitoring the communications of the main players in the financial sector, in order to identify important subjects, deepen knowledge of them and enable proactive communication.
  • Coordinating the translation of the various contents into the Group's communication languages.

Profil recherché

  • Education - Bac + 5
  • Experience - Minimum 5 years in the financial sector
  • Key skills - Knowledge of the banking sector and Dexia, excellent communication & writing skills , ability to synthesise and explain complex and varied issues, attention to detail, creativity, initiative and the ability to implement innovative communication, team spirit
  • Languages – Bilingual French/Dutch, perfect knowledge of English
  • Classic office tools: Word, PowerPoint, Excel; mastery of Drupal (web sites) would be an added advantage